BA Vision & Features

Department Vision

The English Department of Fu Jen Catholic University endeavors to educate our students to become creative, critical and productive in English, to respect others as individuals, to develop a strong sense of social responsibility, to maintain a global perspective and to adapt to change, to respect and seek to actualize truth, goodness, and beauty in our lives.

Department Objectives

To realize this vision, we set the following as the department’s educational objectives: 

  1. to train students’ abilities in advanced English communication and in self-improvement in these abilities,
  2. to provide students with general knowledge of English linguistics, literatures, cultures, and history,
  3. to inspire students to develop an in-depth understanding and pragmatic skills to use in English-related fields in a global context, and to nourish students’ creativity, analytical thinking, communication skills, adaptability, cooperativeness, and ethical awareness in all learning situations.

Department Features

  1. All-English instruction and well-coordinated language training.
  2. Well-designed courses with diverse teaching methods and materials focusing on interactivity, cooperative learning, and multimedia resources.
  3. Three course groups—literature and culture, language studies, professional training—to ensure both solid training in liberal arts and multiple choices in career development.
  4. Theatrical performances in and out of classes.
  5. Abundant multimedia and online learning resources to support students’ autonomous learning.
  6. Courses, learning activities, and exchange programs sufficient to enhance students’ social awareness, critical thinking, and global perspectives.