BA Introduction

Department History

In 1963 the English Department, under the chairmanship of Fr. Peter Venne, SVD, participated in the reestablishment in Taiwan of the former Fu Jen University of Beijing.  Fr. Venne was chair from 1963-1974, followed by Fr. Pierre Demers (1974-1982), Sr. Heliena Krenn (1982-1988), Dr. Joyce C.H. Liu (1988-1993), Mr. Thomas Nash (1993-1999), Ms. Cecilia H.C. Liu (1999-2002), Dr. Raphael J. Schulte (2002-October 2003), Mr. Thomas Nash (Acting, November 2003-July 2004), Dr. Yun-Pi Yuan (August 2004-July 2010) , Dr. Kate C.W. Liu (August 2010 – July 2013), Dr. Yun-Pi Yuan (August 2013-July 2015), Dr. Joseph Murphy (August 2015 –July 2018), Dr. Bichu Chen (August 2018-July 2021), Dr. Yu-Chih Doris Shih (August 2021-December 2022), Dr. Yun-Pi Yuan (January 2023-January 2024) and Dr. Wei-Cherng Sam Jheng. From 1967 to 1981 the Department granted B.A. degrees to an average of 50 students a year; since 1982 the number of graduates has increased to an average of 70 a year. Thanks to the endeavors of each chair and the department faculty, the English Department plays an important role in the field of English education in Taiwan and consistently develops persons of exceptional English ability for the public and private sectors.  (See Photos.)

Graduates of the English Department have been successful in many fields, including business, public relations, advertising, transportation, academia, language teaching, translation, literature, linguistics, editing, publishing, news reporting, creative writing, arts and entertainment, tourism, hotel and food industry, banking and computer science.