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FLRC Self-Study Room

Location: FG103

Students can use student ID card to enter. The self-learning softwares include:

1、Rosetta Stone
2、Connected Speech
3、Issues in English 1,2
4、Newspaper Editor
5、Pronunciation Power 1,2
6、Read Up Speed Up
7、The Report Writer for all titles
8、Movie Talk
9、World Talk

LiveABC English Self-learning Platform

In the era of globalization and the world's information networking, English learning and the cultivation of English proficiency have become an irreversible trend. The establishment of the LiveABC English learning system platform is to provide teachers and students to improve learning. Frequency and breadth, and can learn English resources website at any time.
In response to the rapid development of web pages and tablet phones, the LiveABC English learning system has been fully upgraded to a web page that can be executed across browsers and tablets and mobile phones at http://liveabc.mmc.fju.edu.tw. I hope that all teachers and students can make more use of their English strength.


GlobalExam European and TOEFL online language practice platform

GlobalExam is an online practice platform for preparing language verification tests, which can effectively help you improve your language scores in a short period of time and enhance your foreign language skills and international competitiveness. The platform interface provides preparations for 15 language test tests in English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese, including English (BRIGHT English, TOEIC Bridge, TOEFL ITP, TOEFL IBT, BULATS, New TOEIC, IELTS, B2 First: FCE), German (BRIGHT Deutsch, WiDaF), Spanish (BRIGHT Español, DELE) and French (DELF, TCF), as well as Chinese language certification.

The GlobalExam Global Language Certifcation System is authorized by the whole school. Therefore, the faculty and staff of the school enter the system to log in as a personal LDAP.

Easy test Japanese JLPT simulation test platform

Easy test Japanese JLPT simulation test platform
Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT is a Japanese proficiency test with international accreditation reference indicators. In the trend towards international diversification, Japanese proficiency testing will also become an important reference for students with workplace competence and international competitiveness.

The learning platform includes five new NLP-level Japanese language proficiency test N1-N5 simulation test banks, which can be used as a pre-test practice for Japanese language learning and Japanese language testing.

The URL is: http://easytest.mmc.fju.edu.tw

Easy test Japanese simulation detection platform is authorized by the whole school. The login method can be entered into the account ID of the school's personal LDAP.


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Audio-Visual Materials for Teaching English Language, Literature and Culture