English Department Fr. Stier Scholarship, deadline: March 18, 2024

I. Purpose: To assist BA students in the English Department who come from poor families, have excellent grades, and are eager to learn.
II. Quota and amount: 1 person, 1/3 tuition and miscellaneous fees will be subsidized.
III. Qualifications:
1. Poor family background
2. Interested in learning
3. BA students currently studying in the English Department. Application in the first semester - freshmen are not required to attach transcripts. Transfer students are required to attach transcripts from the original school; in the second semester, please attach transcripts from Fu Jen University. 
IV. Application documents:
After the discussion of scholarship committee, the department office will notify the applicant to collect the following information -
1. An application form written in English (http://english.fju.edu.tw/word/scholarship_form_110.doc). The application form must be signed by the advisor.
2. A copy of the English version of the transcript of the previous semester.
V. Review focus: The English Department Scholarship Committee will review the applicant based on the applicant’s financial needs and the improvement of the applicant’s English speaking and writing ability. Applicants with special financial needs will be listed as the primary focus during review.
VI. Application deadline:
1. Applications are accepted at the beginning of each semester.
2. The detailed application and deadline dates are determined by the current semester calendar.
3. The application deadline for the second semester of the 112 academic year: before 4:00 pm on March 18, 2024 (Monday). Late applications will not be accepted.
VII. Review results: Applicants will be notified by confidential email; if not received within 1 month after the application deadline, please contact the department office (D20@mail.fju.edu.tw or 2905-2561)