Joshua Memorial Scholarship, application deadline: March 18, 2024

Joshua Memorial Scholarship

1. Purpose: Joshua performed well while studying in the English Department of Fu Jen Catholic University. He has a kind personality and is eager to help others. He also actively participated in activities after school. He won the Taiwan championship in the "2018 NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards" and was full of talent. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students to study diligently and have the courage to seek help when encountering difficulties. Memorial website for classmate Joshua

2. Quota and amount: It depends on the circumstances of the students applying in the current academic year. In principle, each student will receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan per semester.

3. Qualifications:

- The family is poor or the family is in emergency situation
- Interested in learning
- Students currently studying in the undergraduate program

4. Application documents:

- One copy of the application form written in Chinese (including autobiography and recommendations from a teacher)
- A copy of the transcript of the previous semester ( [Fall semester]: freshmen are required to submit their transcripts from their senior year of high school, and transfer students are required to submit their transcripts from their original school)
- Proof of low- and middle-income households or special circumstances
- A copy of the applicant's post office or bank passbook (including name and account number, a 30 yuan handling fee will be deducted for bank remittance)

5. Deadline: It is determined according to the calendar of the current year. Please prepare relevant information and send it to the English Department Office within the specified time. Late applications will not be accepted. Emergency assistance is provided on an on-site basis. The application deadline for the second semester of the 112 academic year is March 18, 2024.

6. Review focus: Those with special financial needs will be listed as the primary focus during review.

7. Distribution method: The scholarship will be directly transferred to the designated deposit account of the recipient.

8. After the scholarship award list is approved, the winning students must write a thank you letter to the scholarship sponsor to express their gratitude.