May 2022

Dear Alumni and Department Friends,

Happy Springtime!

Last semester (2021 Fall), we had a wonderful 2021 Alumni Homecoming Event on Saturday, December 4, 2021 to celebrate Prof. Cecilia Liu's retirement. We were so excited to see all of you who returned on the day to meet Cecilia and several faculty members in the department. The event took place in our Global Connection Classroom in the Giet Building (FG302). Besides reviewing the video clips of Prof. Cecilia Liu (thanks so much for the alumni who prepared those videos!) and listening to her stories and future plans, the alumni also had chats with each other while enjoying the cake and refreshments! The photos taken on that day are here: Cecilia老師榮退餐會相片

The academic year of 2023-2024 (112學年度) is the 60th anniversary of the Department of English Language & Literature at Fu Jen Catholic University. Please do return to join us and celebrate this important milestone! (We will announce the details a bit later this year)

The fundraising drive will continue through this year and beyond. We are continuing our efforts on the following:

輔大外語學院五年展翅 (College of Foreign Languages, Fu Jen Catholic University):

十年裡圖終身劇場 (CFL Theatre, Fu Jen Catholic University):

英文系發展基金 (English Department Fund, Fu Jen Catholic University):

We are truly grateful for your kindness and the donations from alumni, parents, and friends of the department. Our students are able to study in this optional learning environment with your supports. Please see and take a look at their excellent Learning Outcome Demonstrations” throughout the years. Thank you very much!


Yu-Chih Doris Shih
Associate Professor and Chair,
Department of English Language and Literature,
Fu Jen Catholic University

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