December 2015

Dear Alumni and Department Friends,

Happy Holidays! There is much to celebrate this season as we give thanks for those who have nurtured us, and set our hopes on a new year.

In this spirit, I’d like to keep you updated on fundraising efforts for the new De-Fang Building of the College of Foreign Languages. The building is now under construction with completion scheduled for 2017. The De-Fang building will provide infrastructure for a new era of foreign language education and give the college an iconic, twenty-first-century image.

On the De-Fang building’s third floor, the English Department will have a designated classroom with the working title “Legacy and Global Connection Classroom.” As detailed in our PowerPoint introduction (and at our recent Alumni Homecoming on December 5), the Legacy and Global Connection classroom will be a multifunctional facility combining state-of-the-art distance-education technology with interior design commemorating the achievements and interests of our alumni and faculty. It will be equipped to accommodate seminars, video-conferencing, self-learning, and class reunions. For our students, the Legacy room will make the physical link between the best of our traditions and the borderless education of the future. Students here will have opportunities to connect with remote learners, industry professionals, and our alumni around the world.

With an estimated cost of 3.3 million NT dollars, which our department must cover fully, the Legacy and Global Connection classroom is the immediate focus of our fundraising drive. We sincerely invite alumni and department friends to make a tax-deductible contribution. We have set several giving levels: for individuals, NT$3000 and NT$10,000; for a combined class gift, NT$150,000; for “entrepreneurs,” NT500,000 and above. All donations of NT$10,000 and above will be recognized on the De-Fang Building’s giving wall; "entrepreneurs" and classes will also be named in the Legacy room itself. All donors to our campaign will also receive one of our stylish departmental T-shirts! Please download the De-Fang Building donation form; be sure to indicate "English Department" on the form. Alternatively, you can donate online at the College donation website; please be sure to choose "De-Fang Building" in the drop-down menu and type "English Department" in the gift designation box.

Giving at any level is deeply appreciated, and there are many good reasons to give: honoring a teacher or other individual who has played a role in your education; keeping connected with the department’s educational mission; contributing to the department’s development, recognizing that our shared pasts and futures are linked in concrete ways.

Our fundraising drive will continue through 2016 and beyond. Please keep the English Department in your thoughts this season and in the new year, as we always remember and honor the achievements of our alums. I'll keep you posted on our progress. Thank you so much.

Dr. Joe Murphy
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of English Language and Literature
Fu Jen Catholic University

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