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Dear Kate, 

After working for 1 year as an editor, I came to the U.S. for my master of fine art degree. I will graduate next spring and start to work in the U.S. hopefully. 

I really want to join other classmates in the future.  Please tell other teachers and classmates that I miss them a lot. 
I am a graduate student in Academy of Art University, and my major is Fashion Merchandising. 

For me, I would like to combine fashion marketing strategies with car industry. As I know, fashion is more like a life style than just a trend. In other hand, through my previous job experience, car industry has been connected to fashion for a long period of time. For example, the famous New York Fashion Week has been cooperated with Mercedes Benz for years. 

My thesis is about using fashion marketing strategies to promote electric vehicles in North America.
Because of my thesis, I had an internship in Luxgen Motor Co., Ltd. (納智捷汽車) last summer for three months. Now, I am the market & media intern in Kleenspeed Technologies Inc., which is a California based electric vehicle technology R&D company. Here is the website: www.kleenspeed.com 
I also manage Kleenspeed Facebook fan page, and Kleenspeed blog. Here is the blog: www.kleenspeedtechnologies.blogspot.com 

I also freelance for a Taiwanese car news website and magazine that is Auto-online.com.tw 汽車線上情報雜誌 by using Ray as my pen name. Each month I write several articles or reports about cars in North America. I especially focus on Green Cars.
These are the things that I am doing right now. 

If you need more information, please tell me. 


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主題 畢業5年:Mevis Lee 李小曼  
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Dear all,
Time goes so fast that it's been five years since I graduated. Thinking about the memories spent in the English Department always makes me feel so warm and grateful. I'm now working on my thesis about Woolf's first novel with Deleuzian ontology in NCCU. Things are doing pretty well here, but it's all because I had a good beginning at FJU. I'm really sorry that I can't come on that Saturday, but I will forward the message to my classmates through email and facebook.
I am a full-time student studying the MA program in the English Department of NCCU while having my part-time job as a high school English tutor and a contracted teacher in a cram school. It is my fourth year in NCCU. I have great pleasure studying works of Derrida, Lacan, Deleuze and other French thinkers (in English) as well as reading novels of Woolf, Joyce, and Shakespeare.
Actually I went to work right after graduation, but I found I missed literature so much that I decided to study in graduate school. As I have said, I am writing my thesis about Woolf, and hopfully I will finish it around next spring. I also find that teaching is a great experience for me to rediscover English in its language structure and to interact with people who are much younger than me. I haven't decided on what I will do next after I graduate, but one thing I am certain, that is the love for knowledge. It will never end. Even if I leave school, my books will always be with me.
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主題 Welcome to the Alumni Day 2010-12-04  
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英文系2010系友大會 見!
Kate Liu (劉紀雯)
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主題 Welcome to Alumni Website  
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6/15 系友會見!

Kate Liu (劉紀雯)

    [ 劉紀雯: 2008/6/4 下午 05:43:00 ]
主題 紀念班刊開放認購中!!  
類別 其他  
"Carpe diem!"目前開放認購中!!
序--那湯姆老師(Mr. Nash)                                              
劇場的魔法師---施琳達老師(Dr. Llyn Scott)                        
對文學與學生始終懷抱熱情,專訪劉紀雯老師(Dr. Kate Liu)                
威斯康辛博士班夫妻檔 專訪Colin學長與Cynthia學姐                   
來自奧地利熟悉的天使之音,賀永光修女(Sister Heliena)            
一日,在師大停車場 羅基敏老師                                      
張瓈文老師(Ms. Doris Chang)                                         
A memory of friendship across the borders! 劉雪珍老師(Ms. Cecilia Liu)    
曾明怡助教( Ms. Lydia Tseng)                                          
1997 Reunion Reflections--施琳達老師(Dr. Llyn Scott)                  
頁數:48p (單色印刷)
意者請洽詢 楊文琪 Vicky Yang
    [ 楊文琪: 2007/8/24 下午 10:27:00 ]
主題 2007年英文系第31屆畢業十週年紀念茶會  
類別 其他  

◆日期: 2007年9月8日(六)

◆時間:上午11:30 (預計於16:30~17:00結束)

◆地點:輔仁大學聖言樓(SF130 視聽教室)




◆11:30 報到(繳交班費、領取班刊、紀念光碟)

◆11:30 暖身運動!!

◆12:10 老同學來拍照囉!!

◆12:30 餐敘時間(吃大餐囉!!)

◆13:40 ACT 1: 14年回顧展(1993-2007)

◆14:10 ACT 2: 神秘訪客的問候

◆14:20 ACT 3: Teachers' Time

◆14:40 ACT 4: Ice Breaking 大風吹 (Team Work!!)

◆15:40 ACT 5: 時光膠囊(相約下一個10年)

◆16:10 尾聲 推選下屆召集人

◆16:20 ACT 6:校園巡禮(晴天活動)

◆16:40 ACT 7:齊來扮鬼臉!!大合照(晴天將安排至中美堂)

◆17:00 THE END 大家相約明年再會

◆17:10 聚會結束、打掃場地


 聯絡人:楊文琪 Vicky Yang

    [ 楊文琪: 2007/8/24 下午 10:14:00 ]
主題 For Junior CC-D of 2005F-2006S  
類別 成果分享  
Dear Maggie, Judy, Veronica, Helen, Danielle, Zenobia, Wayne, Evelyne, Angela, Clarissa and Leslie,
Here's the webpage of the party we had last year: http://www.eng.fju.edu.tw/iacd_2006S/junior_cc/party.htm
My very best wishes for you in your ventures into the bright but unknown future!!!
    [ 劉紀雯: 2007/6/15 上午 03:42:00 ]
主題 31屆英文系特刊徵稿啟事  
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  內容 輔仁大學英國語文學系畢業十週年紀念 致親愛的同學與輔大英文系師長: 時光荏苒,各位同學及師長們,今年是我們輔大英文系第三十一屆畢業校友畢業十週年。為此,我們將籌備一本充滿紀念性價值的特刊。 由於是第一次創刊,因此目前籌備的內容較為簡易樸實,此刊物除了將介紹系上這十年來的變化、也會介紹師長與同學們的近況、以及目前在職場上的奮鬥生涯,並將之蒐集成冊,希望成為畢業十週年的一份特別的禮物于大家。 ◆徵稿對象:英文系31屆同學及師長 ◆徵稿日期:2007/5/1~2007/6/30 ◆語言:中英文皆可 ◆徵稿形式:短文、詩篇、散文皆可 ◆字數:中文字數約300~1,500字 英文字數約500~3,000字 ◆徵稿信箱:vicky-yang@umail.hinet.net ◆文章範圍: <師長篇> ◆對學生們的感言 ◆教學點滴分享 ◆生活分享 <同學篇> ◆對某位師長表達之感謝 ◆輔大英文系四年生活之回憶過往 ◆關於生活、求學、求職過程點滴 編輯此刊的工作,將交由我(Vicky)暫時承接,由於刊物為自己發行,目前暫訂50本,並以認購的方式進行,目前價格與出版日期尚未確定,刊物將採單色印刷、32頁為主要方向。竭誠地歡迎您的加入與參與,讓這個別具意義的刊物、有機會呈現在大家的眼前,成為畢業十週年的一份特別的禮物。 期待您的加入 敬祝 平安喜樂 Sincerely, Vicky 2007/5/1  
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主題 ~Annual Play~  
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  內容 Every student 地點:輔仁大學舒德樓一樓理圖劇場 5月11、12日(週五、週六)晚上7:30 5月13日(週日)下午2:30 相關資訊請至網頁查詢,歡迎系友參加  
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