2012-04-09 Winners of the Creativity and Effective Communication Awards!
2012-03-01 職涯系列(7): 航空事業我翱翔
2012-03-01 職涯系列(6): Global Perspectives in English/American Studies
2012-03-01 職涯系列(5): 求職面試準備與臨場反應: 以外商公司為例
2012-03-01 職涯系列(4): The Life of a Diplomat
2012-03-01 職涯系列(3): Employment Application: Cover Letter Writing
2012-02-29 演講系列(6):What Every Teacher Should Know About Phonics
2011-12-18 Active Communication, Outstanding Learning Outcomes and Creativity and Effective Communication Awards
2011-12-18 Student Work Exhibition 2011
2011-11-28 Whereabouts, Writing, Wanderlust: A Taiwanese's WWW in Berlin

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