2021 Spring
Photomedia and Technology-Enhanced Instruction

Photo Exhibition

Photographer Title
Ann Lai Cherished Memories: Time flies but memories don't
Ariel Chiu Around Nature
Athena Chu Art and Nature: Painting and plants
Ceria Huang Something Feels Off: But I don't know what it is
Claire Chu A Ride to Tamsui with Friends
Clairy Chang Ambiguity
Cindy Lee Memorable Photos Around FJU: Around the gate of FJU
Coby Huang Hidden Beauty: Nature of FJU campus
Colette Hsu Hide and Seek! Somethings we may ignore on campus
Diana Chen Good Night, Taipei: The night of Taipei before the Pandemic
Fanny Chu My Funny Photos: What I took in Fu Jen University
Lizzie Tsai Microscopic World: The devil is hidden in the details
Randy Pan Taipei Museum of Fine Arts
Rebecca Lai Hand-Shaken Drinks: From Dragon Horn Tea
Rosalia Kao Went Forth this Pandemic Period
Tony Wei Passion Road
Vanessa Huang My Garden: Scenery from my house
Victoria Wu Corner: Daily college life
Zoey Chou The Magnificent Views in Japan: One can never forget

Instructor: Doris Shih
Department of English Language & Literature
Fu Jen Catholic University

(background photo taken by Doris Shih)