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Kate Chiwen  Liu

Kate Chiwen Liu got her PhD degree in English at State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1993. She has published articles on issues of re-constructions of history, trauma and/or urban immigrant identities in a number of Asian Canadian and Caribbean Canadian novels (by Michael Ondaatje, Joy Kogawa, Dionne Brand, SKY Lee, Kerri Sakamoto, Dionne Brand, Neil Bissoondath and Austin Clarke). Her studies of Canadian and Taiwanese films focus on their treatments of postmodern cities in the era of globalization. She has discussed the Canadian and Taiwanese films set respectively in Toronto, Montreal and Taipei in terms of their treatments of urban flows, flâneurial look, chance encounter and mediated communication. She is currently writing two books, respectively on postcolonial Canadian novels, and postmodern Canadian films. The book on Canadian films also makes comparisons between Canadian and Taiwanese films in order to bring her Canadian projects back home.

1988.08~1993.06 Ph.D. in English Department / State University of New York, Stony Brook, U.S.A.
1982.09~1986.01 MA in Department of Foreign Language and Literature / National Taiwan University
1978.09~1982.06 BA in Department of Foreign Language and Literature / National Taiwan University
Fields of Specialty
  Contemporary Canadian and Taiwanese Postmodern Urban Film, Contemporary Canadian Postcolonial Literature, Web-Based Literature and Language Education, Literary Theory, Postmodernism
Frequently Taught Courses

Literary Criticism: Love, Desire and Class


Literary Criticism: Identity, Trauma and Globalization


Postmodern City Text: Toronto, Montreal and Taipei


Introduction to Literature

2018.02~迄今 Fu Jen Catholic University Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies and English Department Professor
2010.08~2013.07 Fu Jen Catholic University Department of English Language and Literature Chair
1993.08~2018.01 Fu Jen Catholic University English Department Associate Professor
1988~1992 SUNY-Stony Brook English Department & Writing Center Instructor and TA
1987.09~1988.06 Soochow University English Department Lecturer
1986.09~1988.06 Fu Jen University English Department Lecturer
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