From Sermon LXXVI



When Gods hand is bent to strike,it is a fearful


thing to fall into the hands of the lining God; but to


fall out of the hands of the living god is a horror beyond


our expression, beyond our imagination. That God should


let my soul fall out of his hand into a bottomless pit and


roll an unremovable stone upon it and leave it to that


which it finds there (and it shall find that there which it


never imagined till it came thither) and never think more


of that soul, never have more to do with it; that of that


providence of God that studies the life of every weed


and worm and ant and spider and toad and viper there should


never, never any beam flow out upon me; that that God


who looked upon me when I was nothing and called me


when I was not, as though I had been, out of the womb


and depth of darkness, will not look upon me now, when


though a miserable and a banished and a damned creature,


yet I am his creature still and contribute something to his


glory even in my damnation; that that God who hath


often looked upon me in my foulest uncleanness and when


I had shut out the eye of the day, the sun, and the eye of


the night, the taper, and the eyes of all the world with


curtains and windows and doors, did yet see me and see


me in mercy by making me se that he saw me and


sometimes brought me to a present remorse and (for that


time) to a forbearing of that sin, should so turn himself


from me to his glorious saints and angels as that no saint


nor angel nor Christ Jesus himself should ever pray him


to look towards me, never remember him that such a


soul there is; that that God who hath so often said to my


soul, Quare morieris? why wilt thou die? And so often


sworn to my soul, Vivit Dominus, as the Lord liveth, I


would not have thee die but live, will neither let me die


nor let me live, but die an everlasting life and live an


everlasting death; that that God who, when he could not


get into me by standing and knocking, by his ordinary


means of entering, by his word, his mercies, hath applied


his judgments and hath shaked the house, this body, with


agues and palsies, and frighted the master of the house, my


soul, with horrors and heavy apprehensions and so made


an entrance into me; that that God should frustrate all his


own purposes and practices upon me and leave me and


cast me away as though I had cost him nothing; that this


God at last should let this soul go away as a smoke, as


a vapor, as a bubble; and that then this soul cannot be a


smoke, a vapor, not a bubble, but must lie in darkness


as long as the Lord of light is light itself, and never spark


of that light reach to my soul; what Tophet is not


paradise, what brimstone is not amber, what gnashing is not a


comfort, what gnawing of the worm is not a tickling,


what torment is not a marriage bed to this damnation to


be secluded eternally, eternally, eternally from the sight


of God?






                                   Line                                             Annotation



bottomless pit                        無底坑(指獄)。


providence of God                神意;天道。


foulest                                     最骯髒。


taper                                        蠟燭。


forbearing                               容忍。


Quare morieris?                   why wilt thou die?之意。


Vivit Dominus                       the Lord liveth之意。


agues and palsies                 打擺子和半身不遂。


calentures                               熱帶地方之一種熱病




frustrate                                  破壞。


practices                                 詭計。


Tophet                                    地獄。


brimstone                               硫黃石;地獄的燃料。

gnashing                                咬牙切齒。


be secluded                            被隔絕。