原文與注釋(Text and Annotation)

Note on 1-19
The enormous tragedy of the dream in the peasant's bent
Manes! Manes was tanned and stuffed,
Thus Ben and la Clara a Milano
           by the heels at Milano 5
That maggots shd / eat the dead bullock
DIGONOS, mmmmm, but the twice crucified
             where in history will you find it?
yet say this to the Possum: a bang, not a whimper, 10
   with a bang not with a whimper,
To build the city of Dioce whose terraces is the colour of stars.
The suave eyes, quiet, not scornful,
             rain also is of the process.
What you depart from is not the way
and olive tree blown white in the wind 15
washed in the Kiang and Han
what whiteness will you add to this whiteness,
what candor?
Note on 124-146
and there was a smell of mint under the tent flaps
especially after the rain
       and a white ox on the road toward Pisa
         as if facing the tower,
dark sheep in the drill field and on wet days were clouds 125
in the mountain as if under the guard roosts.
      A lizard upheld me
      the wild birds wd not eat the white bread
      from Mt Taishan to the sunset
From Carrara stone to the tower 130
   and this day the air was made open
      for Kuanon of all delights,
         Linus, Cletus, Clement
whose prayers,
the great scarab is bowed at the altear 135
the green light gleams in his shell
plowed in the sacred field and unwound the silk worms early
in tensile
in the light of light is the virtu
       "sunt lumina" said Erigena Scotus 140
       as of Shun on Mt Taishan
and in the hall of the forebears
           as from the beginning of wonders
the paraclete that was present in Yao, the precision
in Shun the compassionate 145
in Yu the guider of waters
Note on 165-178
           Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi. 165
Never inside the country to raise the standard of living
but always abroad to increase the profits of usurers,
           dixit Lenin,
and gun sales lead to more gun sales
   they do not clutter the market for gunnery 170
      there is no saturation (166-171)
Pisa, in the 23rd year of the effort in sight of the tower
and Till was hung yesterday
for murder and rape with trimmings plus Cholkis
   plus mythology thought he was Zeus ram or another one 175 (173-175)
         Hey Snag wots in the bibl'?
         wot are the books ov the bible?
Name 'em, don't bullshit ME. (176-178)
Note on 221-232
      a man on whom the sun has gone down
and the wind came as hamadryas under the sun-beat
           Vai soli
are never alone
amid the slaves learning slavery 225
       and the dull driven back toward the jungle
      are never alone 'ΗΑΙΟΝ ΠΕΡΙ'ΗΑΙΟΝ
         as the light sucks up vapor
           and the tides follow Lucina
      that had been a hard man in some ways 230
         a day as a thousand years
as the leopard sat by his water dish; (231-232)
Note on 271-288
nor is it for nothing that the chrysalids mate in the air
color di luce
green splendour and as the sun thru pale fingers (271-273)
Lordly men are to earth o' ergiven
         these the companions: 275
Fordie who wrote of giants
      and William who dreamed of nobility
         and Jim the comedian singing:
            "Blarrney castle me darlin'
            you're nothing now but a StOWne" 280 (279-280)
and Plarr talking of mathematics
         or Jepson lover of jade
Maurje who wrote historical novels
         and Newbolt who looked twice bathed
are to earth o'ergiven. 285
         And this day the sun was clouded
-"You sit stiller"said Kokka
"if whenever you move something jangles."
Note on 329-361
and Mr. Edwards's superb green and brown
          in ward No 4 a jacent begignity, 330
of the Baluba mask:"doan you tell no one
      I made you that table" (331-332)
methenamine eases the urine
and the greatest is charity
to be found among those who have not observed 335
     not of course that we advocate-
     and yet petty larceny
     in a regime based on grand larceny (228-339)
     might rank as conformity nient' altro 340
     with justice shall be redeemed
who putteth not out his money on interest
     "in meteyard in weight or in measure"
XIX Leviticus or
First Thessalonians 4, II 345 (343-345)
300 years culture at the mercy of a tack hammer
         thrown thru the roof (346-347)
Cloud over mountain, mountain over the cloud
I surrender neither the empire nor the temples
nor the constitution nor yet the city of Dioce (349-351)
each one in his god's name
as by Terracina rose from the sea Zephyr behind her
         and from her manner of walking
as had Anchises
355 (353-355)
till the shrine be again white with marble
till the stone eyes look again seaward (356-357)
The wind is part of the process
The rain is part of the process
and the Pleiades set in her mirror 360
Kuanon, this stone bringeth sleep;
Note on 401-405
I don't know how humanity stands it
         with a painted paradise at the end of it
         without a painted paradise at the end of it (401-403)
the dwarf morning glory twines round the grass blade
magna NUX animae with Barabbas and 2 thieves beside me, 405
Note on 444-465
nox animae magna from the tent under Taishan
amid what was termed the a.h. of the army 445

the guards holding opinion. As it were to dream of

morticians' daughters raddled but amorous
To study with the white wings of time passing
           is not that our delight
to have friends come from far countries 450
           is not that pleasure
nor to care that we are untrumpeted? (448-452)
           filial, fraternal affection is the root of humaneness

           the root of the process

nor are elaborate speeches and slick alacrity. 455
            employ men in proper season
            not when they are at harvest
             E al Triedro, Cunizza
       el'altra:"Io son' la Luna." (458-459)
dry friable earth going from dust to more dust 460
    grass worn from its roothold
    is it blacker? was it blacker? Ννξanimae?
    is there a blacker or was it merely San Juan with
a belly ache writing ad posteros
in short shall we look for a deeper or is this the 465
Note on 671-680
Time is not, Time is the evil, beloved
Beloved the hours βροδοδακτνλοζ (671-672)
         as against the half-light of the window

         with the sea beyond making horizon

le contre-jour the line of the cameo 675 (673-675)
profile "to carve Achaia"
         a dream passing over the face in the half-light  
         Venere, Cytherea "aut Rhodon"
         vento ligure, veni
"beauty is difficult" sd/ Mr. Beardsley 680
Note on 766-774

and that certain images be formed in the mind

to remain there
formato locho
     Arachne mi porta fortuna
to remain there, resurgent eikons 770
and still in Trastevere
for the deifications of emperors
and the medallions
to forge Achaia
Note on 842-858
Serenely in the crystal jet
        as the bright ball that the fountain tosses
(Verlaine) as diamond clearness
        How soft the wind under Taishan 845
where the sea is remembered
        out of hell, the pit
        out of the dust and glare evil (847-848)
        Zephyrus / Apeliota
This liquid is certainly a 850
        property of the mind
nec accidens est but an element

in the mind's make-up

est agens and functions dust to a fountain pan otherwise
        Hast 'ou seen the rose in the steel dust 855
(or swansdown ever?)
so light is the urging, so ordered the dark petals of iron (855-857)
we who have passed over Lethe.



1. 本詩章原文共858行。本閱讀輔導依據龐德詩選集Selected Poems of Ezra Pound), 只選了180行並將其不連貫的分成十一段。為多數人方便起見,在此雖照選集分十一小節討論,但仍採用原文之行數。

2. 這十一小節,和整篇其他部份一樣,均用意識流的方式(stream-of-consciousness)而寫。為讀者方便及興趣起見,每節前略述其大意。

3. 這十一小節,和整篇其他部份一樣,都是龐德在拘留訓練營(Detention Training Camp簡稱DTC或訓練營)中所寫。見緒言[back]




3 Manes:梅尼茲。為波斯之先知及摩尼教之始,約生於公元216年,卒於公元276年。tanned and stuffed:鞭笞後再填塞,如製(死動物)之標本一樣,此說明梅尼茲皮人虐待的情形。[back]
4 Ben and La Clara a Milano:Ben即墨索里尼(Benito Mussolini)1883年生,1945年卒。為義大利法西斯首相及獨裁者。La Clara即彼達其(Clara Petacci),為墨索里尼之情婦,於1945同被義大利秘密組織審判後槍決,再倒吊於一停車間之前示眾。a Milano:在米蘭(Milan),此為義大利文。[back]
5 by the heel:倒吊,(腳跟在上)。[back]
6 That maggots . . . bullock:maggots:蛆,在此暗示不輕重之民眾。shd:should. dead bullock:死去的小公牛,此指墨索里尼或梅尼茲等有權或勢之人。[back]

DIGONOS:Twice born,出生兩次。

twice crucified: 兩次被釘十字架(或受折磨)而死。在此指梅尼茲及墨索里尼及其情婦第一次被人,第二次被蛆折磨而死。[back]

9 Possum:a gang, not a whimper:Possum,袋鼠,此為艾略特(Eliot)之暱稱,艾略特所寫的「空心人」(The Hollow Man)中之第五節最後兩行為"This is the way the world ends not with a bang but a whimper."意思是世界末日,並非是有聲有色英雄式的毀滅,而是哀聲嘆氣的衰亡。bang:砰然巨響。whimper:抽噎哭泣。[back]
11 city of Dioce whose . . . colour of stars:city of Dioce即米底亞(Media)之古都易克巴唐那(Ecbatana)為底奧斯(DioceDeioces)6 B.C.所創。據公元前五世紀一歷史家希羅多德(Herodotus)所載,此都曾有七層不同顏色之圍牆(Terrace),而且在城堡中有寶庫。[back]
12 The suave eyes, quiet, not scornful:龐德形自己有一雙溫和,安靜而不輕視他人的眼睛。[back]
13 Rain also is of the process:這時外面正在下雨。Of the Process: in action.[back]





121 A smell of mint:一陣薄荷清香。The tent flaps:訓練營中帳篷之門,隨風飄動。[back]
123 Pisa:義大利西北部之比薩城,以其斜塔著名於世。[back]
125 drill field:士兵操練之地。roosts:棲息。在此。因哨兵看守囚犯猶如鳥棲於木上。[back]
127 A lizard upheld me:一隻蜥蜴鼓勵著我。wd:would. [back]
129 Taishan:泰山為五嶽之一。作者稱訓練營東方的一座山為泰山。[back]
130 Carrara stone:為義大利西部他斯卡尼(Tuscany)地之卡拉拉 (Carrara)城所產之大理石。[back]
132 Kuanon:即觀音菩薩(Kuan-yin)。[back]
133 Linus:St. Linus.為公元67年到76年時之賴那士教皇。 Cletus:St. Cletus,(Ancletus)。聖克里達斯為公元 76年到88年之羅馬教皇。 Clement:St. Clement I。為公元 88年到97年之克里門一世教皇。[back]
135 The great scarab:為一石刻蜣螂,其腹面刻有不同的象徵符號,古埃及人用作護身符(亦作scarabee)。[back]
137-138 Plowed in the sacred field . . . in tensile;男耕女織。unwound the silk worms:抽絲。in tensile:(把絲拉得直直的。[back]
139 virtu:即義大利文的virtue,(美德,效力)。[back]
140 "sunt lumina"said Erigena Scotus:Erigena Scotus,艾利其納(Johonnes Scotus Erigena)約生於公元815年,卒於 877年,為蘇格蘭哲學家及神學家。艾利其納曾說過"All things are lights"(萬物皆光)"sunt lumina"即為"are lights."的拉丁文。[back]
141 Shun:舜(亦作Chun)為虞朝(BC 2255-2205)君主亦稱「虞舜」。[back]
142 forebears:ancestors, 祖先們。[back]
144 the paraclete. . , the precision:Yao,堯帝也稱「唐堯」約在2300 BC堯用舜攝政,成績優良,死後便將帝位禪讓給舜。此行謂堯帝為一安慰者,同時處世有方(precision)[back]
145 Shun the compassionate:舜帝有同情憐憫之心,對父母很孝順。[back]
146 Yu the guide of waters:夏禹能治水。[back]


165 Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi:拉丁文,意為"There is a time to be silent, there is a time to speak."此為刻在義大利有名的Isottadegli Atti墓之墓誌銘。而且在聖經上(Eccles, 3 : 1-8)也有類似之語"To every thing there is a season, . . . A time to be born, and a time to die."在第二次大戰時龐德曾為義大利政府的電臺廣播,戰後他以叛美政府之罪而被囚於訓練營中,所以上述二語「該說話時說話,該沉默時沉默」可能為一雙關語,暗示二次大戰時不該廣播。[back]
166-171 Never inside the country . . . there is no saturation:這六行有反戰的思想,作者諷刺的說:「列寧曾斷言(dixit Lenin):民眾最好不要留在國內使生活程度增高;而該永久在國外作戰,以使高利貸者獲更多的利益,因為搶賣得愈多,戰場就愈需要,市場上的槍砲永不會達到飽和點的。」Lenin列寧 (Nikolai Lenin)為俄國共產黨領袖,建立蘇維埃政府。他生於1870年,卒於1927年。Clutter the market:使市場擁擠混亂gunnery:槍砲之總稱。[back]
172 In the 23rd year of the effort:此時為墨索里尼企圖以法西斯主義拯救義大利的第23年。[back]
173-175 Till was hung . . . or another one:此四行述及作在訓練營中一位美國士兵,名提兒(Louis Till)的同囚。[back]
173 Till was hung yesterday:作者寫這節詩時,提兒已於前一日在比薩被處死。[back]
174 With trimmings = with extras此指提兒所犯之罪除殺人,強姦外,還有很多其他的罪。Cholkis = Colchis,在希臘神話中,為亞洲之一王國,其國王為Aeetes. AthamasNephele有兩個小孩,名Phrixus及Helle,他們二人騎上有金羊毛能飛的公羊身上(golden-fleeced winged ram),Boeotia逃到Colclis.在途中Helle掉在水中淹死,此地後稱Helles pont)Phrixus到達目的地後,國王Aeetes對他很好,把女兒Chalciope嫁給他。Zeus:宙斯(古希臘之主神)。 Ram:公羊,在文學中常用來象徵男性,作者在這兩行中提到Cholkis, mythology(神學)及Zeus ram,可能是由提兒所犯之強姦……等罪之聯想。[back]
176 Hey Snag也是作者在訓練營中之一同囚。Snag(缺牙),可能是一綽號,真名不詳。Wots . . . bibl'? :what's in the bible? [back]
178 Bullshit:胡說八道。[back]
176-178 這三行是Hey Snag和另一同囚之對話,可見Hey Snag是一很粗魯之人。[back]



a man:龐德本人。

The sun has gone done:太陽西沉,已是黃昏時刻。[back]

222 hamadryas:樹神(Tree nymphs)他們和他們所居住的樹相依為命的。Sun-beat:強烈的陽光。[back]
223 Vai soli(意文):never alone. [back]
225 amid the slaves learning slavery:在奴隸中學習奴隸制度。[back]
226 The dull:學習奴隸制度遲緩的人。[back]
227 ΗΑΙΟΝ ΠΕΡΙ'ΗΑΙΟΝ:(希臘文)The sun around the sun,意思是歷史有週期性。[back]
229 Lucina:露西納,為羅馬女神之一,司婦女分娩。這三行是容易龐德自己。[back]
230 That had been a hard man in some ways:作者自己認為他在很多情形下曾過份吹毛求疵。[back]
231-232 a day as a thousand year as . . . his dish:如豹被囚在在寵中坐在一碟水前,沒有自由,但能苟存,時間過得很慢,有一日千秋之感。[back]


271-273 nor is it for . . . thru pale fingers:此行描寫作者無聊到極點,他從手旨夾縫間看光線的變化,光線中有綠點如兩昆蟲之蛹結合在一起。chrysalids:(昆蟲之)蛹。[back]
272 di luce:(意文)the light. [back]
274 Lordly men are to earth o'ergiven = Lordly men are given over to earth,即很多高貴,有氣派的人都已去世。(此句和龐德的"The Seafarer"詩中倒數第七行相同)。[back]
276 Fordie:福特(Madox Ford, 1837-1939),英國小說家、批評家,及詩人。[back]
277 William:葉慈(William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939),愛爾蘭詩人及劇作家。[back]
278 Jim:喬伊思(James Joyce, 1882-1941)愛爾蘭作家。[back]
279-280 "Blarrney castle me darlin' you're nothing now but a StOWne":在愛爾蘭有傳說,如果你去過Blarney castle而且吻過言城堡中之一塊石頭,你即可口齒令俐動人。此二句意思為「不要再提Blarney城堡,你已失掉了你的口才!」StOWne: stone. [back]
281 Plarr:即格斯道佛(Victor Gustave, 1863-1929)是英國皇家外科醫學院Royal College of Surqueons of England的圖書管理員,曾於1896年作"In the Dorian Mood"一者,而聞名於世。[back]
282 Jepson:傑卜生(Edgar Jepson 1863-1938)英國小說家。[back]
283 Maurie:休利特(Maurice Hewlett, 1861-1923),英國散文家。 Newbolt:牛波特(Sir Henry John Newbolt, 1862-1938英國詩人及批評家[back]
287 Kokka:庫卡(Urguell Kokka)曾當過外交官及皇家參謀。此兩行雖為庫卡講過的話,但可形容訓練營中的家具,只要一動所有的床椅都會亂響 (jangles),同時也說明作者憶及好友過世,心中激動不安。[back]


329 Mr. Edwards's superb green and brown:愛德華茲先生(Mr. Edwards)是訓練營中之一員,為一黑人,其膚色黑得發青又呈褐色。[back]
330 In ward No 4 a jacent benignity:這時龐得因生病所以住在訓練營的診所中第四號病房,而愛得華茲在隔壁房間。Jacent: adjacent鄰接的。benignity:仁慈;親切,(在此形容愛德華茲)。[back]
331 of he Baluba mask;有非洲人的面具;在此說明愛德華茲是黑人。 Baluba:巴魯巴人的(為居非中部班圖族之一)。[back]
331-332 "doan you …that table"愛德華茲為龐德做了一張桌子,叫龐德不要告訴他人。Doan you = don't you. [back]
333 methenamine:四氮六甲圜(CH2)6N4醫學上用來清潔人體內部及通小便用。[back]
334 the greatest is charity:慈悲是最重要的,此語來自聖經。"So faith, hope, love abide, these three; the greatest of these is love."(I Co. 13. 13)聖經雖說在信仰,希望和持久之愛三事之中,以愛為最偉大。而作者把愛改成慈悲,因為慈悲也是愛的一種,同時他在訓練營中生病時,最需要的也是同情與慈悲了。[back]
228-339 petty larceny in a regime based on grand larceny:此為一飄刺語。作者認為愛德華茲偷用木板及釘鎚乃是以大竊盜行為為基礎之政治系統中之小偷竊罪。Nient altro: nothing else. [back]
343-345 "in meteyard in weight or in measure"…First Thessalonians 4, II:聖經上反對高利貸及不勞而獲,作者在此提到兩節。在利未記中:"You shall do no wrong in judgment, in measures of length or weight or quantity."(Leviticus 19, 38)說明人在度量衡上不可欺,meteyard英國之計量單位。在新約的(帖撒羅尼迦之第一章)中:"to work with your hand…so that you may command the respect of outsiders, and be depend on nobody"(Fist Thessalonians 4, II)說明人必自食其力方能為人敬。[back]
346-347 300 years…thrown thru the roof:英國銀行(Bank of England)成立於1694年,已經將近300年,除瑞士銀行外,為世界上歷史最悠久之國家銀行。作者在此幽默的說:300年的(銀行)文化,卻仍有(小偷愛德華茲)將釘鎚從房頂上擲入之事發生。At the mercy of:任由……擺佈。[back]
349-351 I surrender neither…city of Dioce:我(作者)不屈服於大英帝國(the empire)或任何神殿或教堂(temples),也不屈服於美國的憲法(the constitution),也還未屈服於美麗的古都。The city of Dioce:即米底亞 (Media)之古都易克巴唐都(Ecbatana),此都為底奧斯(Dioce)6 BC所創。Plural: of more than that,不只上述所及的。[back]
352 One in his god's name:此句源於聖經。在彌迦書中說明每個人,各有其不同的信仰:"For all the people walk each in the name of its god, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever."(Micah 4, 5) Terracina:特雷斯納,為義大利海上之一城市,位於羅馬以南數哩之處。[back]
353-355 Rose from the sea,…as had Anchises:rose一雙關語,1.為玫瑰花,在作者的心目中為愛與美的象徵。2. rise的過去式,故rose from the sea則指Venus從海面升出(如Boticelli之名畫:The Birth of Venus)也暗示龐德所信仰之神為Venus. Zephyr behind her:西風吹動了Venus的頭髮,使其向後飄動,如西風在Venus之後(如Boticelli之畫)。 Anchises:Anchises Venus生下了Aenes. 在荷馬讚美詩集(Homeric Hymns)(作者不詳)中提到,雖然Venus化裝成凡人,但Anchises看見她走路的姿態就認識她。[back]
356-357 Till the shrine…seaward:這兩句是接"I surrender neither…the templer plural"(349-350作者不屈服,不退卻,直到愛神(Venus)之大理石塑像向海的方向看見龐德和Odysseus一同航行在象徵的海上時為止。[back]
358-359 The wind…of the process:為雙關語1. 這是正在在下雨及吹風。2. 風可能為靈感,雨也是從天而降,作正在追尋其「道」。[back]
360 Pleiades:希臘神話,Atlas與一仙女所生之七個女兒,轉化為七星,其中一因愛一凡人,羞而自匿,故不能見。In her mirrow:在海中。[back]
361 Kuanon = Kuan-yin觀音菩薩。[back]


401-403 I don't know…the end of it:我不瞭解人如何忍受了人生(的不幸),不管是否有想像的天堂。It = life 生命。[back]
404 the dwarf morning-glory:生長得矮小的牽牛花,因其開花的時間很短,常用來形容生命的短促。[back]
405 magna NUX animae:(拉丁文)The great night of the soul.一個西班牙神秘作家(mystic writer)所作St. John of the Cross'一詩中,談到他欲追尋上帝,希望能與他溝通結合,但沒有成功。因此他靈魂感到非常黑暗。[back]
405 with Barabbas…beside me:巴拉巴(Barabas)為在耶穌被釘十字架以前,猶太人要求釋放之一囚犯。最後另外兩強盜與耶利同被釘於十字架上。在訓練營中除Pound以外都是犯罪之士兵。當耶穌死後黑暗佈滿了四方。[back]




a.h. of the army = arse hole of the army.(軍隊中之肛門)因訓練營中充希了罪人及不良份子。有人被處死刑,又有滿卡車的犯人來補充。[back]

446 guards holding opinion:"a.h. of the army"是哨兵們的口頭語及他們的想法。[back]

morticians' daughters raddled:mortician:殯葬業者。



To study with… untrumpeted:Pound隨身有一本Legge所翻譯的四書以為消磨時光。他自己常有獨特的解釋,這幾行出自論語學而篇:「子曰:學而時習之,不亦說乎。有朋自遠方來不亦樂乎。人不知而不慍,不亦君子乎。」

white wings of time:作者在訓練營中覺得黑暗,(the dark night of the soul),反之,學習帶來光明與內心的安慰如時光之白翅飛逝一般(時習),而且「習」正好由「白」和「羽」所構成,(參見緒言)。Untrumpeted = unproclained即人不知。[back]

453 filial…humaneness:論語為政第二:「孝悌也者,其為仁之本與」。[back]
454 the root of the process:是道之本,這是Legge用來解釋the root of humaneness的。[back]
455 nor are eleborate…alacrity:論語八佾第三:「巧言令色鮮矣仁」。[back]
456 employ men in proper season:論語公冶長第五;「使民以時」。[back]
457 not when they are at harvest:這是Legge用來解釋上句,使民以時,故不得使民於忙於收穫之時。[back]
458-459 E al Triedro, Cunizza el'altra:"Io son' la Luna";義大利文"And in the corner, Cunizza and the other (woman)":"I am the moon."CunizzaVenus的化身,是美與愛的象徵(亦為金星),而另一女人(the other woman)則是月亮,代表西夜的來臨,因此這兩行暗示在訓練營中一邊金星可以看見,而另一面黑暗將至。(此二語來源不詳)。[back]
460 dry friable earth… dust:地上都是不毛之地,象徵精神上的荒野。[back]
462 Ννξanimae:Ννξ(希臘文)animae(拉丁文)=night of the soul. [back]
463-464 was it merely …ad posteros:San JuanSaint John of the Cross的西班牙文。San Juan是西班牙的神秘家,由心靈洞察力能了解真理或上帝之人,生於1542年卒於1491年。作者在此幽默的自問,San Juan是否真正在黑暗中搜索以洞察真理,還是因為肚病而使他寫這些深思搜尋之詩來出名。Ad posteros:to posterity,留於後代。[back]
465 In short… the bottom?:總而言之,這是最失望的時候,還是有比這更失望的時候?[back]


671 Time is not = Time is negative,時間對我一無好處。Time is the evil:時間是耶惡的。(因為這時作者非常失望)[back]
671-672 Beloved, beloved the hours:快樂的時辰,一瞥愛神(美與愛)光陰。 βροδοδακτνλοζ(Brododactylos)(希臘文)= rosy fingered(粉紅色手指的),Homeric epither for dawn. [back]
673-675 As against…cameo:這三行把月亮人格化了,猶如一女人靠在窗檻上,遙見海平 ,襯之以光,有如寶石上之浮雕。寶石上之浮雕。[back]
675 le contre-jour = against the light. cameo寶石上之浮雕。[back]
676 Achaia:亞該亞,為在希臘南部之一古國。[back]
678 Venere, Cytherea "aut Rhodon" / vento ligure, veni: Venere, Cytherea "or Rhodes" wind, come. Venere:(義大利文)= Venus. Cytherea:(拉丁文)也是Venus,因為她出生於 Cythera島,或在Rhodes vento ligure = Ligurian wind(在義大利)西北利久立安地之風。veni: come.(這也暗示Boticelli的畫,畫中Venus的頭髮被吹起。)[back]

sd = said

Mr. Beardsley:即為Aubrey Vincent Beardoley, 1872-98,英國的作家及插圖畫家。當他和葉慈(Yeats)談話,葉慈問他何以不花更多時間創造美麗 (beauty),他回答說:"beauty is difficult"(美麗是不易創造的),因為他知道他有肺病已不久人世了,這時龐德也自以為要被處死,但結果活到1973年,88歲的高齡。[back]



768 formato locho;(義大利文)= in a prepared place. [back]
769 Arachne mi porta fortuna;(義大利文)Arachne brings me good luck. Arachne:在希臘神話中Archne因向Athena挑戰比賽編織。因其大膽向女神挑戰,Athena把她變成蜘蛛,因此永織不完。在此作者的回憶有如蜘蛛織網連續不斷。[back]

Resurgent eikon:不斷的形象。

Resurgent: come up again and again.Eikon: icon; image. [back]

771 Trastevere:為羅馬城之一區,靠臺伯河(Tiber),因很多塑像而出名。[back]
773 Medallions:大銅錢,上有浮雕。[back]
774 To forge Achaia:在龐德的Mauberley第二部第一節 Manberley說他要從大銅錢或獎章中,再找出希臘的世界。亞流亞(Achaia)一地對龐德來說,是過去的代表,也是文藝復興想要復興的典型。[back]


842 Serenely…fountain tosses:好像噴泉上拋擲的光亮之球,即月亮。[back]
844 Verlaine,Paul Verlaine 1844-96,法國詩人,在他所寫的月亮"Clair de lune",詩中說,月光如"Les grand jets d'eau sveltes"(許多射出之細水)。[back]
845-846 Taishan:比薩附近之一山,龐德稱之為泰山。Where the sea is remembered:不見海,但知道海在那裡。[back]
847-848 Out of the hell, the pit…evil:這裡hell, pit, dustevil都形容訓練營。Zephyrus:西風Apeliota:東風在此皆象徵靈感。[back]
851 property of the mind = ability of the mind. [back]
852 nec accidens est:(拉丁文)即"and is not secondary quality." [back]

eat agens and functions;可以生產的作用物。

est agens(拉丁文)= it is an agent. [back]

855-857 Hast 'ou…iron:這四行用磁鐵的變化來比喻頭腦的變化。 Hast 'ou = hast thou. the rose in the steel dust:磁鐵吸鐵屑時,鐵屑形成玫瑰形。Swansdown:天鵝茸毛。[back]
857 so light is the urging, so order the dark petals of iron:形容磁鐵,如頭腦之思想。[back]
858 we who have passed over Lethe:對龐德而言,訓練營的生活,雖生猶死(death in life),因此他說他與營中的同囚已經過了Lethe河。(Lethe為希臘神話中冥府中之一河流,死者飲其水,則盡忘前生之事)。意即雖活猶死。[back]