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 All courses are three credit hours. Thirty credit hours, plus thesis (four credits), are required. Students complete the program in 2.5 to 3 years. (For example, they may complete 9 credits during each of the first 3 semesters, minor exam at the beginning of the 3rd semester, 3 credits plus major exam the 4th semester, and thesis during the 5th or 6th semester.)

A.     Required courses (12 credit hours):

iBibliography and Research   3 hrs.
i、      Academic Writing & Thesis Writing Seminar    3 hrs. each    (6 hrs. combined)
ii、    One theory course 3 hrs.
B.     Elective courses (18 credit hours)
i.            British and American literature and world literatures in English
ii.          Literary criticism/theory; Translation; Chinese literature, or other literature related courses.
C.     Students are required to take a minimum of four English literature courses.
D.    Students may apply to take at most six credits in other graduate programs, including the PhD comparative literature program.
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