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Advisor Forms: 1, 2, Advisor Site (~2010)
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 Junior CC: Cross-Section Activities  

2011F ~ 2012 S: SOAP  (2011F) RP Convention (2012S); 
2012F ~ 2013 S: SOAP (2012F); Cross-section Activities (2013S)
2013F ~ 2014 S: SOAP (2013F); Cross-section Activities (2014S)
2014F ~ 2015 S: SOAP (2014F); Cross-section Activities (2015S) 
2015F ~ 2016 S: SOAP (2015F); Cross-section Activities (2016S)
2016F ~ 2017 S: Cross-section Activities Mock Job InterviewResearch Paper Convention (2017S)
2017F ~ 2018 S: Cross-section Activities Mock Job InterviewResearch Paper Convention (2018S)
2018F ~ 2019S: Cross-section Activities Mock Job InterviewResearch Paper Convention (2019S)
2019F-2020S: Cross-section Activities
2020F-2021S:  Cross-section Activities
2021F-2022S: Cross-section Activities
2022F-2023S: Cross-section Activites

  2011F Graduation Project I Presentation
★  2012F Graduation Project Presentation

Courses 2022 Fall

【Teaching】Cross-Cultural Communication: Global Understanding Project Doris Shih Soph 1111
【Language】Junior Composition & Conversation Cross-Section Activities Patrice Yang, Yihsuan Chen, Sherri Wei, John Basourakos, Emile Lin Junior 1111
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